Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And it begins...

Of course Michael Ignatieff couldn't even hint at an election for a matter of days before bending over backwards to say he doesn't want one:
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is showing the party flag in the Northwest Territories.
It's not just white, it's bright!
During a visit to Yellowknife Ignatieff tried to dispel rumours of a fall election. He says federal Liberals want good government, not an election.
And apparently Ignatieff is part of a shrinking minority still holding out inexplicable hope that "good government" might be forthcoming from the Cons after three and a half years of incompetence and thuggery. But even if Iggy himself is on the fence as to whether Harper would govern better than he would, shouldn't someone within the Libs be pointing out how self-defeating it is to take that position publicly?

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